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10th-Aug-2007 06:13 pm - Orange Plastic Chairs
Title: Orange Plastic Chairs
Rating: 14A
Disclaimer: Mr. and Mrs. Ackles own "Jensen" and Mr. and Mrs. Padalecki own "Jared", while this story is fictional and therefore fake, it does contain two trufax.
Song lyrics belong to Tweet, I believe.
A/N: Much thanks to fiddleyoumust for the beta. Any remaining mistakes are my own.
A/N: Prompt details at the end.

And so it beginsCollapse )
6th-Aug-2007 01:15 pm - Prompt Table and Claim Post
Jared, *ERRR | Jared bedhead
So, yeeeeah. I am THRILLED with the creativity of our fandom and the sheer level of crack anyone who submitted prompts must be smoking. So many of these made me laugh out loud - I think you will too.

Below the cut is a table with a column for each 'part' of the prompts. Feel free to mix and match to create your own. Just copy/paste the same form as before and copy/paste in your choices.

To make it easier on you, you do NOT have to actually choose a prompt from each column - if you only want to use a Character one and a Setting, so be it. Ditto for any combo of the two. Still, choosing a prompt from each column is encouraged, should you change your mind on how you want to approach the fic. Multiple people can claim the same prompts as well, just FYI.

That's it! Have fun. This isn't a strict challenge, so play fast and loose with any of the following - and tell anyone else you think would be interested.

TableCollapse )
5th-Aug-2007 05:30 pm - Prompt harvesting closes tonight!
I'm putting together the prompt table to open up claims tomorrow, but the more there are to choose from, the better. So if you have any final cracked out thoughts, go ahead and put 'em into the mix.

Add any last prompts in here.
As a fandom, we must celebrate the good and the bad, the serious and the cracked out. Below you will find an easy template to cut and paste - simply fill it out so that we can create a prompt table. You will be able to pick and choose a prompt from each category to create your own insanity.

(Remember those animal flip books where you would have a monkey's head on a bird's torso with a dolphin's tail? Kinda like that)

Prompt submission ends Sunday, August 5th and the table of prompts with which to mix-and-match will go up shortly after. Then you can choose a prompt from each category and write the most horrific, cracked out fic your heart desires.

There are no restrictions save for proper labeling of your work. There is no word count. The only rule is that you MUST claim your prompt in order to have posting access.

Fic and art will be due by Sunday, September 16th but can be posted before then.

SO! Prompt harvesting time. They will certainly end up as a mix-match of insanity - insane crackfic, bad as you want to make it.

ETA: You're TOTALLY not commiting to anything in this post. So even if you don't want to write of manip, feel free to drop prompts- the more we get, the more there will be for writers/artists to choose from!

In order to achieve that, please be sure to be as detailed as needed in your descriptions. Do you want seven-toed Jensen and Roller Boy Jared? Should they be in Wonderland, or perhaps in the trenches during WWI? Do they use whips or handcuffs or red, ripe radishes? Genderswap, bodyswap, MPREG- it's all fair game. Go as wild as you like - obviously this challenge is not for those lacking in sense of humor.

Any (ONE) picture prompt you choose to leave can be used by artists to craft manipulated masterpieces - so don't post anything you're not willing to see butchered up. Priestly Happy Feet penguin? Go for it. A manip claim post will go up separately from the Prompt Table Claim post.

Be as creative and wild as you like. Your separate prompts (a, b, & c) don't have to match at all and you can leave as many sets of them as you like. Just remember: this is SO not real.

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