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it's all fun & games

until somebody castrates a lesbian

Sodomite Lovers Unite!
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Welcome to the Super Fake RPS Bad Fic/Pic Challenge!

Please see the Intro/Prompt Collection Post for full details. This is a place for bad fic, cracked out manips, and full insanity. It IS however a challenge, so please read the rules (the one rule) for posting access.

Then go forth, leave cheerfully inappropriate prompts and craft your own badness. No skill is needed, just sheer love for any Supernatural related actor!

Prompts are due by Sunday, August 5th and the Claim table will go up shortly after.

Fics and/or art works are due by Sunday, September 16th but can be posted earlier.

And that's pretty much it. Well, except for me telling you that the header is supposed to be that bad. Yup! If that ruffles your feathers, you might wanna move along.